Superior Group mining

About us

This is where it all started. Mining has been the core business of the group since 1979. Our Founder & Mentor Shri Ram Krishna Asawa, started this journey in the 70s first as an employee in Dolomite mines owned & operated by business owners from Kolkata. He went on to get into business on his own in his 40s when he secured mining rights in multiple locations in the Bhedaghat area of Jabalpur. He also went on to set up a processing Unit in Chargawan, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh producing several industry grade raw materials for various infrastructure related industries.The Group has never looked back since then, mining still makes a significant contribution to the bottom-line of the group.  The Current management is very positive on this vertical & several medium to long term projects with an investment horizon of approximately 10 Cr are in the anvil. In the coming decade mining will add a significant number to the topline of the group. It is our dream to become the largest dolomite mining company in Madhya Pradesh by the year 2030. Current Landscape: Currently the Group operates one Dolomite mine situated on 08 Hectares of government land with production capacity of above 2000 tons per month. This mine is in Seonitola, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.The mine is used for Captive consumption of raw materials required for production at our Factory located in Chargawan, Jabalpur, M.P. & also supplies to other manufacturers in the industry.


Our Products

Our product involves :


  • Unprocessed Dolomite Lumps.
  • Dolomite Powder in various fine grade sizes (80 Mesh to 300 Mesh)
  • Rangoli Powder.
  • Dolomite Chips in various sizes.